Sesame Street's YouTube Channel Streamed Porn for 20 Minutes



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He just better be glad it wasn't my child who saw that.



whoever did this would know that they would be caught by leaveing their handle. and then try to deny doing it after the fact, it sound like a poorly thought out frame job. a successful frame up would be more subtle yet solveable. after all to be a good hacker stupidity is not a prerequisite.



These guys arent activists trying to send a message their just being pricks.



Device Unknown

Who the hell said they were activists? now you morons believe that every hacker is some activist with a cause? stop mixing hackers like anonamous who proclaims being activists (rather it be true or not) with every other hacker who is out for mischief.

These were obviously foreigners who's english isn't very good, who were just being pricks (no pun intended) and assaulting children for what they thought was a good laugh. No where in their statement do they say they were doing it for some greater good.



How the hell is a 3 year old exposure to porn more freeing or socially uplifting or even remotely related to stopping  teenage pregnancy in the least.  It's not funny it's just sick and now its getting dangerous.  It's kinda like serial killers torturing animals before going to people.  It won't be long before the assholes start trying to hack hospital systems and start turning off networked monitors claiming some wacktarded social agenda like the jackoffs in zucotti park.  Yeah its real funny until its your child or relative that gets hurt.  Good times...... NOT!  Oh, well keep it up hackers last time I checked Bradley Manning is my bitch in federal prison FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE LOL.  It won't be long till we start laying down the hammer to you clowns if you keep it up.  Hope you like prison food and cock bitches!



I'm sure there was some statement trying to be made by these individuals about how repressed our culture is and we should be more freeing. In other news, these hackers are bastards



I'll say, this was even worse than taking down an indie developer websites.



While this was extreme I do think that America could be more open about sex it might actually curtail teen pregnancy if we actually talked about it and educated about it instead of teaching abstinence only.



You are a moron. it IS taught in schools. and ive got some more really bad news for you. Teen pregnancy SKYROCKETED after they started teaching it. Sex-ed is just another fraud.

And please, before saying were not "open" about sex, please please point me to any place in the world that exports more sex than Hollywood or our famous bunny mansion.

The stats in my county show that the real abstinence teachings DO work as the schools that teach it have lower pregnancy and lower STDs.

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