Serious Sam 3 to Finally See Light of Day in 2010



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Why were they wasting their time on Serious Sam HD?! They should of been making Serious Sam 3! 

 My buddy and i are hige Serious Sam fans and loved Serious Sam 2, serious Sam HD was pretty good, but i want more Serious Sam 2! It had more humor, more guns, and funkier (is that a word?) things to kill! we need more games like Serious Sam.Don't get me wrong, i love Call of Duty and Left4Dead style nitty-gritty games, but a good FPS where you do nothing but KILL KILL KILL is always nice. Add to that some humor, like finding some smurf-like things doing it in the bushes as a secret achievement, and you've got yourself a kickass game!




duke nukem had a 'trailer to sheild it from vapourware', as well, as i recall. That being said, this one likely will happen. *sniff*



I will believe it when I see it.  Much rather they pick up rights to DN4ever and do that but what can you do?

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