Serious Sam 3 Developer Has Serious Issues with Windows 8



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Too bad. You have no choice. What are you going to develop for? Crapple? The fragmented mess that is Linux? You develop where the money is - Windows. The dominant PC gaming platform.



People developed for DOS long before Windows, and did just fine. Retards can all use Windows 8 to Facebook, Share, and Pinterest each other blind.

People with actual forebrains can switch to Linix in a heart beat, and will, if game developers move to it.

Then we can all hear Microsoft cry about declining sales again.



Which is why I'm wishing that Apple will open up their next iteration of the Mac OS to non Apple PCs. I'm no fan of Macs, but it would be nice to see some real competition in the OS market and some viable alternatives to Microsoft's dominance on the PC space.

I've been a fan of Microsoft's OS for a while, but I really dislike Windows 8, and I hate the idea that I should just go along with it or live with it just because I have no other real choice. I've been experimenting with Linux, and I like what I've seen, but I realize that as a PC gamer I will never be able to escape Windows entirely, as I will always need it for one game or another. The fact that I have no real choice in the matter, as long as I want to keep gaming, is just sad.



Doesn't mean they can't voice their opinions on the matter. If enough people ask for something they might actually bring a change.



who gives a sh*t what this baby thinks?

nobody has to use windows 8, windows 7 will be supported for years... hell XP still has a few months of support left.

don't like it, don't use it... don't whine like a little bi*ch

I myself like Windows 8, and I think the future is going to be sweet....

you don't have to use the app store if you don't want to either, unless your using windows rt and that's a hardware limitation that will soon go away as tablets start using x86/x64.

A ton of people that hate Windows 8, haven't even tried it.



Umm...yeah I don't think Microsoft is going to do to Windows 7 as it did to Windows XP. Hence this article already written by MPC:

So yeah, Microsoft is playing a very dangerous game right now with their entire platform, including Windows 8. They have seen how profitable Apple has become and they want to jump on that bandwagon. The problem is, is that Microsoft isn't "really" trying to innovate their platform. They are simply trying to maximize their profits. I grant you that this is something that most companies will do since making money is the primary purpose of creating a company. The problem with Windows 8 and the rest of the platforms that Microsoft is introducing, is that most of the development comes out of an echo chamber. I don't remember getting a survey from Microsoft asking my opinion on Windows 7 and the changes that I would like to see for Windows 8. No, they simply tasked developers with creating something, and essentially all the "things" they thought would look good were introduced to their development team and much of it stayed within the confines of the Microsoft campus. I will agree that most of software development stays within the confines of a company’s walls for the sake of "wow" factor, the problem is, is that you will often have people that don't approve or think that the particular software isn't really useful. Microsoft has made the standpoint that this is our software, and our vision of its future is the one and only vision. This is fine, but Microsoft was founded on the principle of "open" development. With this principle gone, many will move on as well. Apple currently has about 10% of the current desktop OS market share, with Microsoft coming in with about 70%. That is a significant difference. The reason being Microsoft chose to be open, where Apple chose to be closed. With Microsoft choosing a more closed environment, more developers will see this, and choose to go somewhere else. I understand that Microsoft wants to create a user experience that is fluid and constant throughout their product lines, and to make things easier on the customer, but choice is something that the consumer has always valued, and I think not giving the consumer the choice is going to make Microsoft falter a bit here. In my reality if people agree to the terms that have been outlined in Windows 8 and the rest of the platforms, Microsoft will "assume" that this is the direction that the consumer "wishes" to go, and they will then push in the direction they are currently headed, which is total developmental control. Which is fine, they can do this, this is their product, but I don't believe that developers agree to this, and like Valve, they will move their platform somewhere else. In my humble opinion, I believe that Microsoft will not survive another 5-7 years. I believe that they have fallen too far behind in both their consumer, and enterprise markets, and with this failure to innovate, they will most likely be bought out by another company, most likely Oracle, or possibly HP (If they survive).

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