September Patch Tuesday to Address 13 Flaws



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....I've refused to give up Windows XP Pro.   It's now 10-11 years old and MS is still patching it, now think of all the holes that MUST be present in, let's say, Windows 7 which is just a babe.  On top of all that, I can find and root out an infection 100 times easier and faster on an OS that I've USED for 10 years.

Yes, I'm a card carrying left wing radical Windows XP Pro lover....and this article explains far better than I ever could, why this was a SMART choice on my part.

Always remember that MS can only sell you what you volunteer to buy...even with companies like DELL, HP, etc  forcing Windows 7 on you, you're still not FORCED to accept it.....there's always and excellent computer building How-Tos, that a dexterous 15 year old could follow, right here on the Maximum PC website.

YOU are the consumer, YOU have the final say on what software and hardware is sold, bundled, filled with crapware....w/e.  The second you act the sheep and follow the crowd, you give up this power you have over the developers.  Think about this the next time a ....Best Buy salesperson is explaining what a great package you are buying, then immediately down load deCrapifier  :/




Are you going to keep your Windows XP when Windows 8 comes out and no one is making any software for it. Heck, it's already starting to happen.

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