Sentience System is AI For Your Cruise Control



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Elisabeth Brittani

This would be much worse on carnival cruise lines. If here we're talking about some persons, there it could be hundreds that could be in danger. Nevertheless, every life matters, so despite this neat system we should still pay attention when driving. Hopefully, this problem will be solved until 2012.



It would be nice to have something like this for those long road trips to Dallas that I have to take. 1100 miles of nothing but open road, and it'd be nice if I could just set my cruise control to just keep me at the speed limit of the particular highway I might be on. Hell, if it'd just go ahead and drive completely for me, I could better spend my time sleeping, watching movies, and playing PSP. However, at this point, I should probably just get a car that actually has cruise control. 



Don't get me wrong, I LOVE tech in all its aspects. It's my life.

But just imagine the havoc that could be caused if a hacker with ill intent (e.g. a terrorist)

gained access and modified the mapping data. 200 mph speed limits. Deleted stop signs.

Screwing with major freeways.

All I'm saying is that it better be really secure before the tech becomes commonly used

by the masses. egad!

 Anyway, Don't wanna totally bomb the article. I'd enjoy to see the progression of AI cruise control!




I can see someone losing their GPS signal for a moment when it's most needed and they aren't paying attention. What about having to brake for unknowns such as pedestrians? Animals? A car crash up the road that hasn't full stopped traffic? Ya know, that stop and go crap!

I assume it works like any other cruise control (mandated by law) that when you hit your brake, it terminates the link. Sure, you could just hit resume, but this sound like it is a lot more trouble than it's worth. If it's anything like the GPS on my HTC Touch Pro, My licsense would be revoked in a week from multiple redlight runnings and crashes.



An invitation for more accidents. Morons+auto drive= 100% car crash




Ya cause all you need to know for braking and acceleration is your place on a map.

 This better be a BIT more sophisticated than that.

 I do wonder why they never incorporated dynamic braking in cruise control systems just to maintain a set speed down hills.



Sounds like a good way to break a leg when it fails to make an emergency stop fast enough.



What he said.



Yeah I agree with what you guys are saying, this is a bad idea..


Also to the writer of the article:

"what if you could forget about using the gas and break altogether?" 

break and brake are different words.. kthx.

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