Selling Hacked Comcast Modems May Cost Man 20 Years



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Comcast has been dumming down our internet for a while now without even mentioning it in the contract so to me that is theft so to me its about time someone did this to comcast that gives crappy service.



what about the postal guy who stole 2,000 netflix movies? it may have been 60 days he got or 6 monthes. i dont remember.



Sentence this guy to one year of Comcast customer service.  After 6 months, he'll be begging for Federal incarceration.  But really, 20 years is a ridiculous max term for this kind of thing... if he broke into a Comcast warehouse and looted the joint he'd be facing less time.  



haha nice humor there. sentence him 60 monthes of AOL or even more modernly, sentence him 2 years of Clearwire. hahahahahaha



If Comcast was really smart they would give this guy a job.



 Can I still get one of these somewhere?


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20 years is the kind of sentence you get for murder or rape. This jerk should get a year in prison plus probation for the crime of selling stolen goods or services. Teaching people about how he did it should not be a crime, any network engineer could have pulled that off. Distributing information should not be a crime. He should also be sued by comcast for damages. And ridiculed by his peers for advertizing his criminal empire.



you get 15-20 years or more for murder... this shouldnt be any more than 5 years.  That is the problem with this country.  The corporate interests have got laws passed that have such penalties that do not fit the crime.  Yet this guy could get more jailtime than someone you kills.  Sad indeed.



what state do you live in?!

im pretty sure murder goes for more than that.

anyway, jail time is definitely needed. He is screwing with a capitalist system. There are now how many people, who are now getting a free ride from comcast, when there money could've been spent being reinvested in the countries infrastructure (faster better service, who wouldn't want more from comcast? +jobs from rebuilding infrastructure, etc)

if you dont like or agree with comcast and how they conduct business, don't use them. you can always go back to dial up right? 

although the purpose behind a "correctional facility" is to change people so they will not do their previous deeds again. So 20 years may be a bit much as far as teaching him a lesson. However if he serves jail time well and proves he's changed, he could get out much earlier. 



Serious? You think communistcast will "imrpove infrastructure" or "invest" the money? Wow. Just.. wow. Sheeple like you are the reason this country is sinking. You *let* greedy corporations get away with this shit. They don't care about you, or any of their customers, they just fleece you and move onto the next joe or jane doe to drain.  And yes, if they were smart, they'd hire the guy. But they aren't, and instead we get to waste more tax payer money on a "criminal" for something as insignificant as hacked cable modems. 

 GG America. GG, but you all lose now.



20 years seems a bit harsh, but the guy's a theif... I'd give him 5-10 and take every penny he has.



Worst cable company ever. But even so, this guy is a moron. I cant really say I agree with jailtime though, since I hate paying for criminals with my taxes.



Can I see a show of hands of anybody who feels sorry for this guy?



Sure, he should get some jail time, but he shouldn't get more than, lets say 5 years max. Its not like he raped or killed anyone.



Lol. He probably should have kept this to himself rather than posting everywhere on the web how to do it.

That is just dumb. 

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