Is the Sega Dreamcast the Biggest Tech Flop of the Past Decade?



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Well i must say that the Sega Dream cast was fun to use and as for the graphics, it was beyond its time!  Lets take for instance Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2; it had way better graphics then that of Grand tourism 2 (If you haven't played it or have no clue what it is i recommend checking it out; you'll see what i mean)  Growing up i wanted the PS2 but my parents couldn't afford it so they got me and my brother a Dream cast.  I've played both and found them both entertaining but i have to add that PS2 also had some slightly shitty games; i mean its impossible to have a console with perfectly pieced together games.  I also played the sonic saga which i own and found them very fun and fulfilling.  Overall i feel that the Sega team did a great job, and to down grade their genius this way seems tasteless.     



cnet fails again. This list is absolutly pethetic. Alot of these products were widely sucsessful and couldnt even be considered flops yet. Putting those types of products in a pony show like this is just compleate fail. These arnt the biggest flops, these are the just the most popular ones. Grow some fking balls and create a real list cnet.

What a freaking waste of time >.<



Seems a terribly unfair classification to me.

 In MANY ways the Sega: DC was a great system.  It came out around a YEAR before the PS2, and had a good library up by that point.  While not great, it did have the first consol internet network (which showed many of the problems inherent in such a system and helped out the later competition: xbox live etc).  It had a grafix capability equal (or very close) the the other next gen systems to follow it.  It had some really great games (best port of MvC2 to date, Soul Calibur, several sports titles, a decent flightsim/fighter, PSO, Skies of Arcadia, etc).

 Most of the reasons it flopped were totally PR related which really annoyed me at the time.

1)  Sony announcing PS2 around when DC was released, and basically promising a PS2 release in a few months and really selling "how much better" the PS2 would be.  I lost all respect for the Sony at this point because it was all lies.  The PS2 took practically a year to be released, was not substantially better (although it was better... mostly in game disc space), and was the first mainstream system to have an astronomical opening price.  Sony got away with this however, and successfully kept many interested and potential DC buyers from making the jump with continuing tease add campaigns.  I knew atleast 20+ people who were going to get a DC because they loved it but kept waiting "one more month" for the PS2.... for a year..... and then saw it debut at ~ $300.

2)  Sega didn't use DVD media, but instead a proprietary 900meg expanded CD format they made themselves.  Since it came out a year before the other "next gen systems" its a bit unfair to deduct for this since cheap DVD media & readers weren't as readily availible then.  Nor had DVD movies become a factor at the time it was released.

3)  No native HD.  Not great, but understandable.  Before the Ps2/Xbox, built in HDs weren't the norm in consols, and lets face it those small removable memory cards were a lucrative peripheral market.  This turned out to be a mistake though, because the most important use of a built in HD was/is to reduce load time (something the DC had a real problem with).  However, considering it kept more reasonable pricing someone must have felt the decision worthwhile.

4) Probably tied with point #1, is the total lack of trust in Sega by this point.  Following such flops as: Sega CD, 32x, Sega Saturn..... most people just didn't want to invest in a system they felt would fail.  This is one of the reasons so many people were willing to be strung along by a dishonest sony for 1year.  However, in a twist of irony, the Sega DC was actually a very good system released in a cruicial period where the competition had NOTHING to offer.  A 1 year lead would have been an unsurmountable advantage if it had been nintendo or sony, but for most people the sega well had run dry.  Sadly, I think its because of their troubles that they were able to release such a good system significantly before the competition and at a reasonable pricepoint.  It was literally their last chance, and really put out some effort.

 So in summary, there really was alot of good about the sega DC.  If failed not because of inate defects in itself, but to abysmal public faith in sega at that point, and agressive but dishonest advertising/PR by Sony.  Had there been any faith left in sega at that point, would sony have been able to stall consumers for a year?  Was it even fair to consider it in the same game system generation as the PS2/Xbox (1 year diff timeline, $100-200 US cheaper at first release)?

We will never know.  I personally however, still pull it out from time to time to play my favorite games on it.  And as a personal preferance I have always hated the PS-1 dual shock--> PS3 controllers, and even though the DC controller was an uncomfortable hand fit I prefered it because of the superior analog stick, and a real D-pad.



sega had some interesting ideas, but they were terrible with business (and still are maybe).

sega genesis had a 56k modem hook up for online play (never took off)

they released the dreamcast a little after playstation was introduced (as the sega saturn failed against it) but the sega saturn first used cds for games (i believe)

memory cards for dreamcast would allow you to do mini games


and so on and so forth



I know that it wasn't this decade, but the Philips cd-i was the worst gaming/tech flop EVER. Maybe except for those killer Mario and Zelda titles :P

Other than that, I think those robot animals are pretty stupid and pointless.



OMG I got a cd-i as a kid. I remember saying "but mom, it comes with an encyclopedia, I can use it for school!" What a huge failure. The only half way innovative game was the golf game that used fmv.

speaking of fmv, a close second to the cd-i in that decade was sega cd. I was unfortunate enough to own one of those also. Just about every game used fmv and the quality was terrible.



Whether you like the DreamCast or think it did good things for console gaming is irrelevant. It was a flop
because no one bought it. I would argue that was because:

  1. While the library of games may have been big, it sucked. The majority of the games were worse
    than mediocre, and it didn't have any games to shore up the rest of the library like
    Halo did for the XBox
  2. The controller was awful. From the quality of construction to the awkward design,
    it was just a lousy controller.
  3. It offered useful features nobody wanted like internet on a gaming console. Sure,
    it's big now, but at the time it was pointless, just like it was on the PS2.

As for whether it was the biggest tech flop of the last decade, I would say no. There are easily 25 tech
flops that beat it in the past decade. It definitely was a flop.




You start by saying 'whether you like the DreamCast or think it did good things for console gaming is irrelevant', which is totally false. If they gave good reasoning for the 'good things it did for console gaming' then of course it's relevant.

Then you go ahead to say 'while the library of games may have been big, it sucked.' Too bad whether you think it sucked or not is irrelevant. And whatever you continued to say the rest of that '1.' crap wasn't viable. You just said 'worse than mediocre' and negative things when you didn't give any examples or reasoning like any normal person would do when thinking of constructive feedback.

Also, like hell 'no one bought it', you obviously have no friends because I know several people who not only purchased the console, but enjoyed it to this day. I still have mine and it's intense because it's so vintage and has classic, fun games like PSO, Skies of Arcadia, and Grandia. All of which are masterfully done.

"Waaah, waah, the controller is bad." FALSE, the controller wasn't the best out there but it's actually comfortable to hold. Who, by the way, gives a damn if the controller has an 'awkward design', you feel bad 'cause you don't look like a pimp in front of your nonexistent girlfriend 'cause your controller has an 'awkward design?' Why don't you go whine to your nerdy-ass, complaining friends then, not on this site.

Having the internet was and still is not pointless. People probably didn't use browsers on consoles but you're high if you think people weren't stoked to play some MMO's on their consoles.

Ultimately, the DreamCast sold a modest total and was an overall good system, the PS2 just dragged it on and when it finally came made both systems crash. 









i still have, and play my dreamcast.



i still have, and play my dreamcast.



There were much bigger flops than the dreamcast. Panasonic Real, for instance.



My roommate had one back in the university days and we enjoyed playing it while we should've been studying.  To my amazement, it had a HUGE library of games, some good, mostly mediocore but still playable.

 I'm not sure it's the biggest flop there ever was; I'm sure any techie can list a few other flops greater than the DC.



The dreamcast was awesome...just sadly didn't take off. It was before its time really.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



The Dreamcast didn't exactly set the world on fire, but it had a huge library of games, sold fairly well, and cultivated a cult following that endures to this day.  I might put it at #25 or so, but definitely not #1.

Hell, it's not even the biggest gaming-related tech flop of the past decade; I'd rank the N-Gage way over it, for example.

EDIT:  Here's a flop for you: how about a web slideshow that utterly fails to load the next slide about 60% of the time?



 I thought the dreamcast was a great console for its was a shame when they discontinued support for it.

 I do not consider it to be a flop..........except for the fact sega abandoned it.


The Relic

Short answer; no. Long answer; Hell no. The Dreamcast was a victim of a number of things (distrust over the Saturn debacle, overhyping of Sony ((I actually saw gaming articles where the reviewer talked about how great the DC was, but with the added "but WAIT until the PS2")), the ease in which you could create a bootleg being big factors), but it pioneered things that console gamers take for granted nowadays.

It was the first console to ship with a modem pre-installed (and could access the internet out of the box), it was Windows CE compatable, it introduced MORPGs to the console crowd (Phantasy Star Online), with an add-on was the first console to utilize Broadband, and to this day it's a homebrew delight. People STILL make games for it, 10 years later.

By all rights, it should have succeeded, but by then, Sega just had too much going against it, and the company hemmoraging cash didn't help it. Now we have idiots like CNet pulling this nonsense and the popular media not even mentioning it when they mention machines of the last-gen.

I still have mine hooked up, and it still holds an honored place in my collection.



 i still have plan to buy one just for PSO (if the servers are still up) and a gamecube for FF:CC

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



The Dreamcast rocks. It had a lot going for it and some really great games. Unfortunately, it was a victim of the consumer base not trusting the Sega brand after the disaster that was the Sega Saturn. Given a chance it should've been a success story.



most of the formats on there are failures because they are not leaps and bounds improvements over the current standard unlike what DVD was over VHS people went apeshit and converted there libraries to DVD.

Now dreamcast was a sweet system and i remember afternoons playing at the campus rec room for hours playing football on it which blew away other systems attempts at the time and online was glitchy but sweet at the time.



 the list was hit or miss for me, Dreamcast, media center and umd may not have beeing Wow this is da bomb but they were good.


I mean it's not like it was a Game Gear.

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



One of the biggest flops? I think it's one of the best parts of windows, even if not as many people use it as might otherwise.



Some of these were/had pretty good ideas, like satellite radio, cable cards, and better def CDs and radio, while I feel that others deserved their failure, like Segway (I'll walk thanks).



It failed, but it paved the way for online console gaming, you have to give it that much. It even had cross-platform play for Quake 3. Jet Set Radio should have made the console an instant win, but people only remember the crappy remake for the Xbox. Oh well. It's shouldn't be number 1, but it does belong on that list.



I love the dreamcast and still have a working one that I play with.

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