Security Vendor Claims Online RPGs "Encourage Negative Behavior"



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From my experience, the wholes piping work of the interweb causes the negative behavior. It is the fact that people are behind a keyboard and monitor and not face to face with other people when they behave poorly. The keyboard and monitor provide a shield that cranks up peoples security. The only thing that MMO's really do is provide a solid form of competition that "can" encourage negative behavior. And realistically everything on the internet provides a form of competition, its just that MMO's are largely about competition, whether it's competition for loot, or competition against other groups, or something similar.



"There is a growing trend for online role-playing games to encourage
negative behavior, by rewarding violent and brutal activities within
the online games....It is possible for those intent on abusing these channels, to employ
them to carry out highly damaging and often illegal activities
including cyber-bullying and the sexual harassment of minors." 

And does this not sound like how real life activities are like? Honestly, don't blame the game for the problems that exist in it: blame the people who abuse them. Tbh, it's just something else that people are gonig to bawww over. Instead of pointing out the flaws maybe we should attempt to fix the issues (with successful fix of course) that exist in our daily lives?


Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.



The only MMO that I know of that (almost) encourages that sort of behavior is Eve Online.  Eve is all about the dirty backstab, but it doesn't really say as much.  Really Eve is like a human thought experiment, where CCP allows people to be... people, and some people make really bad decisions that only benefit themselves (embezzeling,stealing, pirating, and the like).

Its really the only link I can make to these claims by Optenet.

I fail to see any other MMO come close to what Eve allows... what did Ana Luisa Rotta get her shiny purple ninja'd in her last WoW raid?



 Its all about the money. Pastor getting low on funds? Bring them in by extoling the evils of "evolution". That will fill the seats. Want more taxpayer dollars for your agency? Up the threat level of "terrorism". Need your company to sell more product? Tell them it "protects their young children from cyberbullying".

  "Nothing new here folks, move along." 



 Optenet sells child protection software.  This study and their comments are just a little self - serving maybe?

There's nothing easy about growing up or being a parent.  I suspect parts of the internet are making it harder.

*** "Either we conform the Truth to our desires or we conform our desires to the Truth." ***



[shuts down World of Warcraft]

We must destroy Optenet! Destroy!!! Do you hear me my friends??? DESTROY!!! 


Dorito Bandit

That cat picture kills me! I think the white cat in the background is kicking the one with the ugly face in the nizzuttts! MEEEEOOOOOOUCH!



Just another voice in the crowd of people saying the entertainment industry is to blame for those select few individuals' behavior.  If it's not music then it's movies or TV, if not that then it must be the video games.  The truth is the vast majority of people who play even the most violent games are perfectly sane, well-rounded, contributing members of society.  People who shoot up schools or steal cars or rob banks have much bigger underlying problems.  I seriously doubt a given person's CD collection or preferance in MMO has any affect on their real-world actions.



didn't read the article. just by the title i can tell that it's blaming video games for the horrific things in the world that have been here far before video games



Cyber bullying is a bunch of horseshit made up by over protect parents that want their kids to be sheltered that then grow up with a fucked up sense of entitlement. That train of thought that kids are sacred and need to be sheltered from all the bad in the world is bullshit there were teenagers ruling nations at one point in time and today I doubt the average teenager could run a small town.



still didn't read it...because no matter what is said...the title has a bottom line.  games provide a place for people to do what they normally do in real life...just without as much risk. nuff said. lol  people have been doing bad things since the beginning of time. now they can do it more because of games and social sites. duh...i think we all knew that.  don't need a study for that one!



The thing we're not seeing is that Ana is on the street corner in dirty clothes banging a tin cup to get attention so someone will look at her study scrawled on 2 pieces of plywood (which doubles as shelter at night).



Most RPGs like Mass Effect or Fable will give you the option to go the virtuous route or the sinister route.  Each offers various payoffs as in real life.  In real life I could be a predatory mortgage lender and make millions or billions.  Or I could make an honest living elsewhere and live a more frugal and ultimately more satisfying life.  I fail to see how RPGs are encouraging those behaviors.  It seems to me like those types of choices have been around as long as civilization.  Hell, even Star Wars paints it in black and white with the quick-and-dirty dark side and the long-and-fufilling light side of the Force.

Point is, people are going to be people regardless of our entertainment medium.  I find it far more likely that our entertainment mimics life rather than life mimicking entertainment.  Advocating that we should protect the children from life's eventualities is like advocating that we burn books to prevent the spread of ideas whether subversive or not.



They're not talking about single player RPGs. They're talking about MMOs like WoW and FFXI. And if you've ever played an MMO for an extended period of time and got involved in the community, you'd know that the things they're talking about go on all the time. It's not the content of the game they're talking about, it's the content of the users. 

When I played FFXI I saw marriages broken up by infidelity that started in-game. I saw a 20-something guy pretty much hookup with a 14 year old girl. I used to be in one of the better linkshells (read: guilds) across all servers and I participated in some major forum trashtalking back then. Crazy shit goes on in MMOs that have nothing really to do with the actual game itself.  



Well then we better start banning bars, Facebook, and high-school lunchtime because all of those things are avenues for exactly what you're talking about as well.



The point is that these games do not encourage these behaviors, they are outlets for them. You could do all the same things on forums anywhere on the web. Its not exclusive to these games, but the games bring lots of people together in one place. I'm sure much of the same goes on with facebook and other major sites where you can talk to people. It isn't the games that do this, its the internet and the connections it lets us all make to other people. This was just a splashy headline with conclusions drawn for the wrong reasons.



But they do. I'll use FFXI for an example again. In FFXI, there's special monsters (NMs and HNMs) that only spawn every so-often on a server. Most were on a 24 hour timer and some would only spawn every 3-7 days. Since everything in FFXI isn't instanced like it is in WoW, that means only one group per server could fight and kill these things while everyone else who came to try to fight it stood by and watched. You can imagine the amount of griefing that lead to. (Training spiders on linkshells fighting Fafnir/Nidhogg was always a favorite of mine.)

Throw that in with fights over loot, fights over guild leadership, PvP griefing, etc and you can definitely make the argument that these games encourage that sort of behavior.

I would say that the claims made by the security firm are a bit overstated though. Usually these types of behaviors stay in game and rarely carry over into the real world (except in the cases where some sort of romantic relationship is involved of course).



Wow, Just wow, I would have thought the child pornography, and illegal drugs would be more worrysome.



Grand Theft Auto 4 is an RPG? 



LOL That's the 1st thing that came to my mind after reading this article.

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