Security Report Downplays Risk of Cyber Warfare



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Did these idiots ALREADY forget about the Sticksnet virus the Obama administration is not taking credit for? The Russians are now warning that it could cause a nother Chernobyl style catastophy over there.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Lets "Assume" that I have been wrong all along as most of you already do.

Lets assume that XP-SP3, Vista and Windows 7 are NOT Govt. spyware platforms

Lets also assume that ALL U.S. based encryption software is secure, do not contain a single "Master" passwords or have backdoor access

Would you at least agree that if you were to someday find out I was right, then the Cyberwarfare has already taken place?

If not, then you are the enemy!




I think someone forgot to take his meds this morning. 



 I think this is the FIRST report that has come from a source that is NOT in business to sell " information systems security". All the rest come from screaming headlines and giant two page ads "TRILLONS LOST TO" phishing, Nigeria, SPAM, your grocer, and anyone else they came  think of. MPC is as guilty of copying and pasting these "reports" as anyone else. No research by the magazine is done to verify, just "trust the source" no matter how bias they may be.



I concur with this sentiment and the media should take a big blame for it.

Politicians should also take the blame for it too - they always go in front of the camera touting about the fears of cyberwarfare, especially from China.  Why would they destroy such an important infrastructure?  They depend on it just as much as the 'free world' do.  Besides, do you seriosly think that they don't know that if they launch a cyber attack against the USA, they would not retaliate?  They'll have to face allies like Britain, Germany, Isreal - China would be equally if they attack!

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