Security Concerns Slow LA's Move to Google Apps



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The rational for this is admirable, ease of use, cost savings, etc., but the implementation is frightening.  In no way, shape, or form will this be secure.  The federal government can't lock down it's own systems, banking systems are broken into. Some dumb civil servant is going to surf porn while logged in on unsecured wireless.

When are the major tech players going to go to default end-to-end encryption?  Why do storage devices not auto encrypt and system not require passwords to function?

Personal records are moving online.  Tech is in a sad state.  More effort is put in DRM than system security.



You have to balance security with accessibility. What happens once all your storage is encrypted and someone loses their password?



I had to look since I was pretty sure Novell has two 'L's, but I can't believe they still sell Groupwise.  The only implementations I know of are old ones that I feel sorry for.  Novell was great back in the 4.11 days, but that was loooooooong ago.



Does it make me a giant nerd if I immediately recognized the Assistant General Manager's desktop background as Vortec Space?  Because if it does, I'm ok with that.

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