Secunia PSI 3.0 Beta Now Available, Brings Automatic Patching of Third-Party Apps



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I've used this program for awhile, never had any problems with it. Enjoyed the easy to use interface(though alittle crowded at times). I enjoy using this computer and I have recommended it to numerous people. Personally though, for a program to scan my computer tell me what needs to be updated is a winner in my book. Oh, did I mention it's free?



There is an uneasy feeling I get any time important tasks are left to a fully automated program that comes from the "cloud". Imagine for a moment the power this utility has over your PC, and then picture what it could do if it were malicious. Just saying. It seems to me this app would be an attractive target for malware bot creators. It already knows how to do things in the background, so half the battle is covered. Simply hack in and rewrite its primary functions. Like Nomad. :-)

Sterilized PC, anyone?



I tried using Secunia before but it didn't fit me. It's was great to put on my parents computers due to them ignoring update warning from stuff like adobe flash and java.

The biggest problem I had was that it tended not to update, or even act like there was an update unless it was a security issue. I'd still have to manually go and update the software despite having something that's suppose to automate it.

Also, it tended to not install a bunch of the updates. Not a big deal but combined with the first thing I mentioned and the problem this new version is supposed to fix, it was more work than it was worth to me. I was still having to manually update most software, but was constantly getting bugged by Secunia to do so.

Does this new version do anything about these issues or plans on doing something about them?



FYI it's Secunia Person Software(not Security) Inspector. And it is an awesome program :)

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