Secunia: Apple Software Has the Most Number of Vulnerabilities



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Mighty BOB!

Jorbs will vehemently deny this of course.


Also THANK YOU for installing a captcha.



For years one major point of argument from my Apple fanboy friends has been the safety of the software. My rebuttal that I've used for years has been , "if you had a larger market share, people would care more about exploiting your OS."  My argument now proves correct...  To even try and say, "told you so" would fall on a deaf ear though, as "the cult" would not believe me, even with data from a credible source. It will be enough to hear from the "I'm smug and I speak more intelligent than you" Apple fantrolls in here so go ahead, flame away fanboys.... I am ingnoring you... my point has been made.





While i do agree with you and i am a pc fanboy. "if (they) had a bigger market share,  people would care more about exploiting your OS" also means that until hackers get off their lazy butts and make some mac viruses PC's still have more viruses penetrating security holes if you're without an antivirus.  



Fix your "magical and revolutionary" crap please!



Ha ha....

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