Second Windows Phone 7 Update in 2011 to Bring IE9, Multitasking



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Microsoft has got to come out with these outdated "updates" faster. Or WP7 will be too little too late.

They're copying iPhone's style of holding everybody in suspense with a trickle of outdate "new" features. But that show has already been done. It only works the first time. Copycats can't use this mind-bending trickery, and expect to wow others over.



they can't get the 2nd update out soon enough.

i'm rooting for WP7.  a 4th solid mobile OS will only make the industry stonger, in the long run.

it's a grave MS dug for itself by being so complacent with their mobile OS and cmopletely missing the market "boat" but it's really dissapointing to see WP7 getting so little love.  it really is as slick as iOS or Android (accounting for the imminent C&P and Multitasking)



Does anyone still use Internet Explorer anymore?



the update wasnt sapost to take this long to stroll out to the public.... it was sapost to role out this month not march.



If they want to be a real threat to andriod and apple they better release in a couple of month instead end of the year. They are lacking as it is and not everyone will stay around for them to catch up.

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