Second Life Gets More Playtime than StarCraft, Half-Life, Others, Says Nielsen



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What, no Peggle!?!?



My problem with SL is I've never actually found anything there to DO. Sure, you can walk around and buy stuff, maybe play Slingo, but I've never seen anything else worthwhile. My guess is 95% of those people that got its numbers so high are cybering, while the other 5% are builders.



See, you are looking at SL as if it were a game. It really is not The Sims Online 2. Its casual and a social world that does have lots to do when you actually step out to do those things. I have been on SL for 2 years now and its been on and off, but all in all, its a good social platform and really stands well when it comes to show what people collaborating on their own free will can achieve because some of the visuals that players have creafted are just really stunning.



How did Bookworm get on the list haha. WoW has such a HUGE percentage of that list. 46.71%! There's such a HUGE hap between first and second, it's kind of sad. While I used to play WoW for about 4 years, I finally stopped because they began catering way too much to the noob player, instead of developing more hardcore endgame content. Hopefully when AION releases in a few months it'll be whatme and the millions of other disgruntled MMO'ers are looking for.

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Its not exactly fair to put SL in the same column as WoW and WAR. Its a Virtual World build entirely by its residents. It has no spelled out goals or anything. And it really has the potential to be anything because it can be anything. Not so with other games that have development cycles and all that. Frankly, it is not a big surprise that SL has such high numbers. It is free, it is limitless, and it is virally alive. No patches for new content, since stuff is uploaded every freaking second.


However to say that it is competing with or may even replace games like WAR or WoW is out of the question. SL is supplimental to those things, as if it were a 3D facebook/myspace/craigs list/etc.


If anyone hasn't tried SL, its really interesting to root around in. And I must say that the player base is very mature (being an 18+ 'game') and also that many of the female avatars are actually women. Oh and of course it is free1 That is three things right there that I cannot say about most any other thing on the internet. :P

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