Second Hand Xbox 360 Consoles Still Contain Credit Card Info, Researchers Warn



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This article isn't that surprising. What is surprising is how long it took to know this information. XBOX 360's have been around forever. Why wasn't this common knowledge like six years ago?



This wouldn't be a problem if Microsoft didn't feel this need to make everything about the X-Box proprietary. You technically can use your own drives because they (finally and) recently allowed the use of USB sticks UP TO 16 Gb. Of course the imposed limitation is there so you can only install about one game per drive and then just buy the overpriced proprietary HDD...

...that apparently shits out your card number to anyone who wants it.



Hmmm I know it's an Xbox....BUT THIS IS ALL SONY'S FAULT!!!

YEAH BAND TOGETHER BROTHERS! SONY has done it again! I will NEVER buy another Sony product. First the PSN was brought down and now THIS?!?!

I am glad MaximumPC posted this, now my fellow Sony haters here have even MORE of a reason to hate Sony and their stupid backwards compatible crappy 8-bit graphics I don't care if it has Crysis it's not the REAL Crysis IE the BEST GAME EVER MADE OF ALL TIME.


I decided to be "cool" like everyone else here and bash all things Sony. Am I doing it right?

Back to reality, that's one thing I DO like about my PS3, when I'm done with a HDD I can yank it out and nuke it just like any other laptop HDD. No special adaptors or quantum slipstream formatting whatevers. Wipe, throw it back in and it will ask to format AGAIN before it can be used with the PS3 system. Oh who am I kidding saying something positive about Sony here, silly me. This is a anti-Sony(readers, not staff) site.



Everyone's just pissed off because they felt that they paid a premium for features that they didn't use. And when Sony took them away, they brought out the pitchforks. Yes, there were people legitimately using the "Other OS" feature, but some of those people should've been questioned in the first place why they were using them. A la, the Air Force. Consumer grade hardware as a server? Sign me up!

But nobody wants to look at the fact that the Xbox 360 is a console that keeps on asking, even for features that are normally free to access. I'm not talking just multiplayer, look at Wiki's comparison table of Gold vs. Silver Live membership features. Way too many features that are already FREE TO ACCESS OTHERWISE (but not free to use necessarily) you need a Gold membership.

On top of the overpriced proprietary hardware.



"...anti-Sony..." ...or are they just mostly pro-Microsoft? Hmmm... ;)



why would you have credit card info on there anyway?
I purchase the cards separate enter a code, not a credit card
and your done. No risk at all.


Peanut Fox

Ease of use. If you want it now and you don't have any points your options are to take a trip to a store that's open to buy the card, or use a credit/debit card you have on hand. If you don't feel like walking or driving at the moment using a credit card is the next best thing.



DO NOT follow their advice on using boot & nuke.

Microsoft includes a special device-unique "security" key (the only thing it secures is their profits on selling commodity hardware at a ridiculous markup) on each drive which is required for it to be recognized as an "approved" drive.

Wipe that out using boot & nuke and the drive will no longer work with an Xbox.

The only way to properly wipe the damn drives is with Microsoft's special konami-like code (which seems to be model or device specific) entered at the system information page.



Can you even plug in a 360 HDD into a PC without too much fuss?



pretty sad that a reformat option isn't built in, especially since my xbox politely refuses to delete old credit card info.

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