Seagate's New 3TB Barracuda XT HDD Plays Nice with Legacy OSes



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This tells us nothing about how it works.


Keith E. Whisman

Does it come with an OS install driver commonly referred to as an F6 driver to be used as your installing you OS and just before disk selection and preparation? Or are you stuck with 2.1TB to install the OS and then afterword you run DiskWizard and then inflate the volume to the full size?



That would only apply to a storage controller, not the storage device itself. In this case, DiskWizard tricks the BIOS, much like they used to have to do when they crossed the 540MB, 4GB and 127GB barriers.

It will work, although it may take a performance hit. You would really want to use these on a system that has the new UEFI spec, eliminating the legacy BIOS. Barring that, get a SATA controller that can do the translation.



Now would that he in addition to what you already have in your system, or would the 3TB drive be the only drive that the software would allow?



The 2.1 TB restriction is in relation only to bootable drives. So if you're adding it to an existing setup, you have nothing to worry about.



Wrong, it applies to dynamic partitions, Which you CAN install an OS on, and is by default the choice in XP for new hdds. However, if you make the drive a GPT partition you can utilize the entire drive as a partition, but ONLY for data. You can't install an OS on a GPT partition. I know, I have two Seagate 1.5 TB drives in RAID 0 and in an external enclosure two Samsung 2 TB in RAID 0.

Moreover, I can't see anyone wanting to install an OS on these drives anyway. As for my OS I have a dual boot setup, with Win 7 and XP, on two WD Velociraptors in RAID 0.



4 of these drives in RAID 1+0 would be awesome.

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