Seagate's Firmware Fix Bricks More Disks



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Most of the firmware on these drives is actually stored on the disks (platters) in the SA (service area). Sending off your controller board is not an option when it comes to repairing these unfortunately.

Most hard drives from the last 10 years have the majority of their firmware on the media with just a few parameters on a ROM or NVRAM chip on the PCB.



Called Seagate this Morning to Swap out Hard Disk Controller!

They Refused!

 They Demand ALL OF YOUR DATA to service these drives under Warranty!

If you want to secure your Data, swap out the controller on the hard drive with another drive that works and has the correct firmware!

Just remove the 6-little screws on the controller and it pops right off!

Funny, they will swap out controllers on Govt. and Millitary Hard Drives but not mine!

Sorry Seagate, your Security Clearance is too Low to be allowed access to my Data!

and Grinding Platters to Dust...............Now! 

(Even Paranoid Schizophrenics have REAL Enemies!) 



I have the same Seagate 500GB with 32MB cache that you own!


It  died INSTANTLY and without warning!

It can no longer be Flashed and is not seen in the BIOS

It is imperative that you back up your data and then take your chances if you wish


It ran perfectly untill I added a USB hard drive to back up the Seagate!

Go Figure! 


Keith E. Whisman

I've been running a Seagate Baracuda 7200.11 32mb Cache 500gig hdd for a year now and it's freaking reliable as crazy.

When it comes to HardDrives you shouldn't mess with the firmware unless your hdd is actually dying. Becoming unreliable. I for one will not be touching the firmware. My drive is fast and I get no read and write errors that affect my performance or cause problems. There are always read and write errors but the rate should be so low and the built in error correction should keep you from noticing it.

So keyword here is don't mess with the firmware.

The only firmware to really care about is your motherboards bios and dvd burners and nic cards and sometime video cards but leave your hard drive alone unless you notice it's not acting right.



I hate to see bad things happen like this to a reputable company, but this just bolsters my long-held belief that Western Digital makes the most reliable drives.



 Yup. I'm one of the (suckers?) that losta 500GB drive. 2 infact... Thankfully the other 2 500GB drives that I have aren't affected by the bad firmware... Seagate had better fix my drives and recover the data lost.

After this latest fiasco, I'm not going to use Seagate anymore.

So, who's starting the lawsuit?


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-

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