Seagate Unveils FreeAgent Theater+



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Personally, I think the network support alone makes this a worthwhile investment over the WD TV.  Seagate is also expected to launch a wireless adapter accessory later this fall.  



Funny thing is, i got myself a FreeAgent just this week and was thinking of getting WD TV, but since this new

Theatre+ can playback my DTS MKV files, im targeting this.

 Trumps WD TV simply by having DTS and 1080p HDMI capability




I have a WD TV and it DOES support full 1080p HDMI, so not sure why you listed that.  But I agree that being able to playback DTS is a huge advantage over the WD TV.  Having to reencode every movie that has DTS into Dolby Digital is a pain, so I'm really considering one of these.  However if WD can implement DTS playback in a firmware update soon enough, I'll just skip this.



 This seems to be the nemesis to the WD TV by Western Digital. I like the networking and accessing of NAS files that this little doohickey has, a feature not on WD TV. The only thing I don't like is the Freeagent only drive slot. Sure, I can use other USB input in front for my WD hard drive, but it'll look goofy with extra cabling coming out the front of it.

This is rad aqnd all, but I'd rather spring for the WD TV. I can pick one up now for $124.99 CND, instead of waiting to buy this at $149.99 US.



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