Seagate Stores More in Less Space with New 1TB Drive



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Keith E. Whisman

Well I've got a Seagate 500gb 7200.11 32mb cache hdd that's just at one year old now and it's been great. I'm going to hold off on getting another 1tb hdd as my Samsung F1 died shortly after birth and I just haven't the money right now. But I'm saving my pennies and look forward to purchasing a 2TB hdd when it comes out and it sounds like just a few months down the road and we'll be playing with them.



I dont trust Seagate Quality Control to pull it off succesfully.



Considering the competition (i.e. Western Digital), I wonder who you would trust to pull it off? Seagate makes a far better product than WD could ever hope to make...



If they're shipping at the same price(ish?) as the old generation, that's reason enough to test the waters.


I  find that usually if a seagate if going to die, it's going to do it in the first week, which should be covered by any good retailer. 



I probably have even more idiotic question, but what are the benefits having 2 platers vs 3,4 platers in 3.5" hard drive? The physical size of the HDD obviously doesn't change.



Packing more data into a smaller area gives the drive a higher aerial density,
making the drive more efficient and faster by decreasing the movement of the
heads that read and write the data. This movement is what causes the latency in
access times, so making this need to move very far decrease is key. 


 This also means we will be seeing bigger drives soon, when they start
using 3 platters at this density. :) 


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