Seagate Ships First Drive with 1TB Per Platter



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My only problem with this article is the first sentence "mechanical drives going out of style in favor of ssd." Yeah they are fast, but I see no gain in speed being compared to storage quantity when price is factored in. Why would I want to spend about 300 bucks for only 128gb when I could spend the same amount and buy like 4TB of storage (which would probably let me copy all my DVDs and still have a TB or more left.)  Right now SSDs seem like more of a luxury item that give you a small performance gain in certain situations, but not many since you will have all your main data on a mechanical drive anyways.  When a ssd comes in a decent size that is somewhat close in price to that of a mechanical drive, then I will start to show some interest. So please hard drive manufacturers, keep rolling out the large storage drives at crazy low prices, to me those are more valuable.



So just a question (And probably not a good one) but does this mean cheaper Hard Drives? That would be pretty cool (like it matters, I haven't even filled up my 1TB hard drive, but then again I never download movies, just tons of games and applications)



I already have 3TB drives that are full... If they have 1TB per platter, stick 4 platters on there and give me 4TB, or better yet, 5 platters for 5TB.  I don't need the sissy 2WD city truck, I need the big 1 ton 4x4 duelly farm truck with the crew cab and the 8 foot bed.



I thought Samsung already achieved this density record.



Samsung talked about it, whereas Seagate is first to ship commercially available drives with 1TB platters (GoFlex Desk). I should have worded the title better, though.



Yup, they did. Unless the folks over at Seagate have also developed time travel.

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