Seagate Scoops Up Samsung's Hard Drive Business for $1.375 Billion



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Keith E. Whisman

We could very possibly be witnessing the suicide of the spinning platter hard drive as they gobble each other up and then the few that are left go out of business leaving no one left. 



Well that leaves 3 Hard drive Manufactureres left.  They would be Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital.

I remember where ther ewas over 1,000. Wow!




Dang! I love my Spinpoint Samsung drives! I have over a dozen of them. None have ever failed, they are quiet, and run cooler than other drives I have owned.

 Now what am I going to buy?


 Heh, more spinpoint drives. Still on Newegg at a great price ($80 for 2TB drive anyone?)



Samsung made horrible hard drives, at least in the past.

Let us hope that this agreement will make Seagate drives more reliable as they seem to be dieing faster than older drives.

I still love Seagate.



Actually Samsung drives are some of the best out there. I will never ever again buy a Seagate drive. Now we have painfully few choices as there's Western Digital and Toshiba.



They haven't made a bad drive in a while. All of the new drives (Spinpoint F1, F2, F3, F4) have been by far the best hard drives on the market. Seagate and WD have been crap lately and Samsung should have been the king but appearatly no one knew about it :(



This is great news. Samsung and Seagate were my two of my three favorite hard drive manufacturers ( the third being Hitachi ).  



And now Hitachi are owned by Western Digital.

That leaves proper RAIDable drive manufacturers down to 1. Seagate. WD's can't RAID properly.

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