Seagate Reportedly Balked at Western Digital's Takeover Talks



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Thank God this didn't go through.  WD drives are total shit.  I have had 8 go bad in the past three years alone.  I guess if they do end up with Seagate I will switch to Hitachi.



The healthy competition is only going to be there if the companies remain separate.  I imagine these two will be the last ones standing in the rotational media fight to the death before SSDs rule the earth.

In other news, I have the exact opposite experience of the other poster with respect to drive failures.  It is funny how those statistics classes come back to mind and I see all these standard distributions in my head.



I've had the exact opposite of big_montana as well - five Seagates failed in the past year, all of them less than three years old, but I have WDs that are five years old plus that are still humming along.  Hell, one of them is a six year old Caviar 80GB that still hasn't developed a bad sector or slowed down at all.

I definitely agree with the bit about Maxtor, though.  Almost as bad as the notorious Hitachi



Sometimes for kicks, I go on Newegg, and read hard drive reviews. Can't tell how many times someone's said "Excellent drive. I always buy from manufacturer X" followed by "This drive failed in a week, manu X sucks, I will always buy manu Y from now on." Then I go to on of manu Y's drives, and see it the other way around.



I'm glad this deal fell through, aside form teh alck of competition and increased prices aspect. I just do not think WD drives are as reliable as Seageates. All the drives that I have fialed over the last three years have been WD's (the newest being 6 months old). I have 4 year old Seagates that still run fine, and none of my newer WD's are still alive. WD is the new Maxtor.



And I've had three Seagate drives die in a short period of time, and yet all of my WD drives (about ten of them) all are running well, the oldest being 6 years old.  So I guess YMMV.

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