Seagate Raises HDD Capacity Bar With 4TB GoFlex Desk



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"Available now from for $249, the 4TB GoFlex Desk drive has enough space to accommodate 2,000 HD movies."

Can you explain to me how 4TB can handle 2,000 HD movies?  Being generous and saying that a 1080P movie could fit in 4GB, you still only get 1,000 movies.  There are no compression algorithms that would allow a 1080P movie (between 1 1/2 to 2 hours) to fit within 2GB, unless there was data loss.  If there is data loss, then it is no longer an HD movie.

So, advertising that this would allow 2,000 movies is not only incorrect, but a violation of consumer protection laws regarding advertising.



Me rikey a rot =P

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