Seagate Launches Industry's 2.5-inch 1TB Enterprise Hard Drive



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Don't assume all 2.5" drives are just for notebooks.  Blade servers are becoming a bigger part of IT infrastructures and are based primarily on 2.5" drives.  These are enterprise because they offer enterprise interfaces, speed and long term reliablity.



I understand that just because it says "Enterprise," that it doesn't strictly mean only the enterprise will be buying/using this...but the enterprise does NOT need a lot of storage on the client side. It's the server side that needs the storage. I suppose that this would be somewhat useful in departments that deal with multimedia/graphic design, *heavy* software development, R&D...but not for something like accounting, Human Resources, and whatever. This is really a drive for consumers who store large files (music, movies, whatever). 80-160GB is often more than plenty for an average enterprise client PC/laptop.



Does this mean 1TB laptops? or is it a 2.5 but not for a laptop bay? Say a Asus G73 for example. Or my older Dell M1710.



The difference is the drive's height. laptop drives have 2 platters and are 9.5mm while Enterprise drives have 1 more platter and are 12.5 to 15mm high.

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