Seagate: HDD Shortage Will Be A Year-Long Problem



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I understand that before the flood, hard drive manufacturing was fast becoming a non-profit venture. But as many here and other places have said, it seems the manufacturers have no incentive whatsoever to speed up the "return to normalcy" process -- it will only reduce their profits. Kinda like when there's a gasoline "shortage" and prices go up -- why on earth would a company want to work hard to get supplies back in the pipeline?? I will try to live on the terabytes I now have for another year, and hope (HA HA HA) the HD manufacturers will do the right thing and start lowering prices as the year wears on.



Seems only lower end (WD anyway) units were affected, larger TB+ drives seemed to come from Malaysia and carry superior warranties anyway. Got a 2TB Caviar black for a little more than a buck a gig on sale last year which seemed reasonable enough.



A buck a gig? 2 TB is 2000 GB, when it comes to drive capacity, so that means you paid over $2000 for a 2TB drive?!



Because of the price gouging, there's a much higher chance that my next drive will be an SSD. Take that, WD and Seagate!



Seagate HDD shortage will be year long profits.



Hard Drive prices=Gas prices.

No reason other than greed.


Keith E. Whisman

The HDD's manufacturers are probably going to take this as far as they can go. The manufacturers are probably going to resist the urge to fill their factories with as much production equipment as they had before. This is a great time for US companies to step forward and fill the demand.



Seagate and Western Digital are both on the shit list. They managed to turn the flood into record profits by cranking out virtually the same number of units and charging three times more. Were they paying the workers in Thailand lost wages to make up for it? Doubt it. Never buying from these two again. I don't mind a little gouging, but c'mon.



As far as last quarter goes, the company says the entire hard drive industry made around 110 HDDs...

Surely you mean 110 million? I heard that Thailand had about half of the world's HDD production. The world HDD output has to be larger than just 220 HDDs.



Well... then sounds like the solution to my storage needs will have to wait another year. Hey Seagate, since you made such a dumb decision to put all your eggs in one basket, does your bottom line reflect this or did you just pass the buck on to all of your loyal customers? That's a rhetorical question, I think we all know it's Supply-Side Economics FTW.



Yep, kinda reminds me of how the price of gas jumps up 30-50 cents a gallon in one afternoon, then takes weeks to trickle back down again. All without a single event going on anywhere that would logically cause it...

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