Seagate Forecasting Slight Contraction in the Hard Drive Market



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Yeah. I was shopping for new HDDs right after the Tsunami. Prices were too high and they haven't come down all the way yet. I just repurposed some older drives to hold me over. I also don't like when they do away with a certain capacity right when the price is getting affordable. The market manipulation is too obvious.



"It’s also possible capacities have reached a point where the average consumer simply can’t fill a 2TB drive, and thus rarely need more."

Tell that to my movie collection. Bought a pair of Seagate 2TB 7200rpm spindles for my last build, one for photography backup duty and one for movies, they're awesome.



Prices were kept way too high, and as a result, the high end is moving to SSD. Prices are just now (11 months after the flood) getting back to pre-flood levels.

The other factor is that the PC Space is flat/shrinking. HP and Dell and Acer have contracted for years (only Lenovo and ASUS are growing). Less PCs sold = less HDDs needed.

Low end computer buyers are (stupidly) buying tablets instead. Tablets today are Netbooks of a few years ago.

I'm holding out for some sweet Newegg deals on Black Friday. Seagate, let the oversupply and price cutting begin! I remember buying 1.5TB 7200rpm 7200.11 drives for $59 - see if you can top that now.



I've been leery of Seagate for a while now. My big issue with them is that I have been trying to get my hands on one of their 4tb external hard drives for one or two generations now. They announce the product, put it on store shelves, and then, mysteriously, the 4tb drives disappear from both retail and online stores, without explanation, as if they never existed.

At first I thought it was some big conspiracy to clear out the inventory of the older/cheaper 2tb/3tb drives, but it just doesn't seem to make sense to me, one way or the other.

Recently Seagate announced the "Seagate Backup Plus" external drives, which also had a model available in the 4tb capacity. Surprise, surprise, now that one, which was supposed to be included with a usb 3.0 option, has all but disappeared, and all I can find are the 3tb and lower models.

This is really frustrating and it makes me wonder what the heck is going on...


John Pombrio

Interesting. I too thought 4TB drives were out but amazon and NewEgg shows only the HGST 4TB internal drive out so far. Probably for the best to wait until reliability is shown to be OK.
I am running a 3TB Seagate internal drive and it's working fine.
There are Raid 0 external enclosures that uses 2 2TB hard drives.



my 2TB is getting full. i need to make a nice big NAS



Here's some good cases to start you off:



One of the other things that is wrong is that we no longer want all of our stuff on our computers anymore. Everyone wants it on the CLOUD! zomg... I hate the cloud. Anyways... People are also not ripping their Blurays to HDD (like people did with DVDs because they didn't have shitty digital downloads with some of the most outragous terms on the fcking planet).
But i digress. Market has shifted from need of more data to need of faster data. Now they just need to work on our damn internet speed.



I think it's a product of their own greed. They have strove to keep the prices artificially high, even after they should have returned to pre flood levels.

Many people are looking to SSD which have become more price competitive.


John Pombrio

They are getting there. A Seagate 3TB hard drive is only $137, a 2TB hard drive $103.
I still remember Samsung 2TB drives going for $70...



^ This ^ By keeping prices high and then the record profits plus ssd prices are coming down, I think they pushed the consumer away. I hope the prices do come back down. I need another 10TB.

As for noone needing more than 2TB, are you nuts? Almost all video is now shot on digital. I have 400GB of home video and increasing every day.

They made their bed and must lay in it. I think WD and seagate should be investigated for antitrust.

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