Seagate Experimenting with Hybrid Flash/HDD



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Why is this news? This isn't new. It was done a few years ago and nobody bought it because there was next to no performance gain accompanied by a price increase. They were totally lackluster and all the manufacturers stopped making hybrid drives as far as I'm aware due to slow sales. Why in the world would they try this again?



has been for consumers since at least 2007. Prices for hybrid hasn't been competitive compared to regular drives that are just getter larger what seems to be every week. SSD prices were dropping also, so why bother with hybrids? It would make more sense at this point to have 16 or 32gbs of nand chips coupled to at least 1tb mechanical drives.

The tech does sound solid though. Stream mostly used data from mechanical drive to flash while having access to the mechanical side. Although the tech still needs to be proven, it's a good option as long as the price, performance and reliablity is there! 



Will you be able to choose on which part to install apps? I would like to be able to install Windows on the flash part and everything else on the spindle part.



Well the SSD is only 4GB so if your planning on using a shrunken down version of XP you wont be using it to insall programs. It's probably meant to just be used for data dipping (can't think of the term right now).



I would think that it would detect which sectors are most frequently accessed on the hdd and then cache them to the NAND, which sounds awesome to me. 


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