Seagate Expects HDD Production Woes As Flooding Continues In Thailand



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It's hard to feel sorry for any once-US company who packs up and moves to the 3rd world, screwing all its US employees. They get what they deserve.



I'm sure they can find another, cheaper third world labor force sweat factory to build these things in. They're not doing much in Myanmar these days.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Who cares?

Companies that require downgrading to a Spyware Platform to use the new Advanced Format Drives deserve to be out of business PERMANENTLY!

Too bad it's ony temporary

Factoid of the Day >

If WD and Seagate continued manufacturing XP compatibe drives without requiring overlays and SSD Manufacturers made XP compatible SSD's, then XP would still have a greater market share than Vista and Windows 7 Spyware COMBINED!


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