Seagate, DensBits Want To Transform Underperforming SSDs Into Long Lasting Gold



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Peanut Fox

Hmmm... I don't really associate Seagate as being a company that brings down pricing in the markets it caters to.

High density SSDs with one to two terabyte costing 300 dollars or less would be great. Even if performance was average for an SSD, it'd still outperform HDDs in most cases.



$300 only nets a (albeit expensive) 256 GB SSD. It'd be hard to imagine $/GB to drop 4x lower to achieve that.



Prices are going down though. I snagged a 256GB Samsung 830 series SSD for less than $200. I paid about $.75 a gigabyte and the Samsung 830's are easily one of the best SSD's around.



I would like to see some real numbers and performance data on this and not just media promotional reports. This has a ton of potential, sure, but lots of great ideas and world changing tech have fallen through the cracks for many reasons over the past few decades.
Hopefully this comes to fruition and is actually effective.

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