Seagate Celebrates 1 Million Solid State Hybrid Drive Shipments



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"Seagate's shipment of its one millionth Momentus XT drive is just the beginning of a bright future..."

Or, more accurately, "is just the beginning of frustration for close to one million users".

I purchcased two of the Seagate laptop hybrid drives and only realized after cloning an image of the President's (of our company) laptop drive to it, and installing it in the laptop, that it would randomly lock up and become unusable.

Firmware updates do not fix the problem either.  Good job Seagate.  Now I hate you only second to the long-gone Maxtor company.



I myself would love to see a hybrid hard drive with a 20gb/500gb that would let you install the OS to the SS instead of the hard drive allocating whatever it chose to the 4gb.



Just a couple quick questions.

1)  How would you partition a hybrid drive?

2)  How would you defrag a hybrid drive?




The user only interacts with the 500 GB HDD of the disk, so it would partition and defragment like a standard drive, so you should keep defrag enabled.

The SSD is allocated by the drive itself by seeing what files you access most often (regardless of partitions) and putting those on the SSD, but this should mean that write times shouldn't show improvement over a conventional 7200 rpm drive.



Went to read the review to refresh my memory and then the comments. The first four postings from user "haobig"  is spam on the review page. Feel free to delete this.




Nuked - thanks for the heads up!

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