Seagate Aims to Make "FreeAgent"="Consumer-Friendly Backup"



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 I really like the freeagent Pro's I have now. I actually use them to bring video editing files from one location to another. It takes a beating on the way, but stays healthy. Also nice is the port adapter. I got one with just the USB & ESATA, and another with the firewire, but both can take either adapter.

 They're good drives, and would have rated them higher than Murph's review. Though perhaps the newer models will have faster esata. I look forward to their new revamp.

 and a docking station for the "go" series? I could see where it would be useful, but the old Go models were 5200rpm drives. If the new models are the same, it's still kinda useless for my work. I'll stick with the other models.


"There's no time like the future."



whoa, is seagate paying for this article? I just don't see what this external drive offers over any other one. I would rather have software RAID 1 on an external drive than these other features.

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