SD Association Rolls Out Wireless SD Card Standard



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This is great for people like me who, don't have to upgrade my 10megapixil camera i got two years ago. Great for the transition to wireless cameras. Remember those Wireless laptop expansion cards???????



It sounds more like the camera's will have wireless.  I would expect this to happen before the SD Card itself gained wireless abilities. 



Well, the real question on this is not the SD card's capability to do it, as you point out Eye-fi has had these for some time... but in the ability of different devices to have the software support to make use of it. a PC or laptop with an SD card is one thing, but letting a device like a camera make use of a wifi is another thing entirely, and what about devices like smart phones and tablets which ALSO have their own wifi on board... the software needed to decide which antenna to use might become maddening...


Keith E. Whisman

I don't know about streaming full 1080P HD from that Class 2 card though the wireless may have the bandwidth for it. 

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