Screenshots Reveal the Next Microsoft Office



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 My friend asked just today about office 07. He said they removed the function to cut several rows of cells and "insert cut cells" into a row later down. It now takes four steps to do the same thing. Please tell me this isn't so.


I really wish MS would stop trying to tell us what we didn't know we wanted, and instead fix and improve the things we have so they're useful.


 Until then, I have no interest in  07 or later. I'll stick with what works, and/or switch to Open office, which with version 3 has imo really come of age.


"There's no time like the future."



I've been a power user of MS Office software since before it was Office (remember WordStar?) I can't figure out how to use any part of Office '07, and no one can read the documents it produces. Can you say S#CKS @$$ ? I just hope the new version isn't some counter-intuitive piece of programmer mental masturbation like '07 is. Please give me something I can use out of the box. To be fair to MS, there is a great on-line instruction course for '07, but the program is so poorly organized, I can never remember how to do the mundane things without going through the instruction course again. I've gone back to Office '03, and I don't miss the very few things '07 actually does better! 



Keith E. Whisman

God I wish for once Microsoft would come up with a super long name that tells you nothing about what the program is or what it does. You know like what Mac programs are named. They can call this Saran Wrapped peanut butter and banana and chocolate and strawberry jelly sandwitch 2009 business edition enhanced version.

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