This Scratch-Built, Desk-Based PC Mod Looks Great, Runs Cool And Rocks Three Monitors



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as Billy explained I didnt know that a stay at home mom able to get paid $7613 in a few weeks on the computer. have you read this webpage N u t t ÿ R î ç h DÖtc om



A AMD Radeon 7950?

I am not disappoint.



People are giving this desk mod a lot of flak, but quite frankly, unless you can and HAVE done better... don't be so quick to point out all the perceived flaws. Inside it may look 'shoddy', but you don't see the inside in 95% of normal regular use. Maybe weekly to open and dust, or upgrade a component, but other than that... eye candy.
I give props as this is a cool mod and a lot of time and effort was dedicated into making it. I will agree, no, it isn't the best desk mod I've seen and there's room for improvement in places, but I haven't done better yet so I'm still giving this a thumbs up.
If I ever get my finances in order, there's a good chance you all may be seeing my mod on here if I have my way. ^_^



Seriously, there are a lot of them: just so you don't think your broadband connection's acting up, we'll warn you in advance that the website takes a long time to load



The system looks impressive until you examine the process. The components are built on wood without a proper conductive connection between ground points, and the whole thing looks shoddy up close. I can agree with rotating the displays pi/2 and removing the bezels though, and I hope he's either tall or has a hydraulic chair.



The only change I would recommend is switch the monitors to portrait mode (rotate them). That much real estate is very wide the way you have it. Check maximumpc's earlier articles about this.



It seems like he would be sitting way too close to the screen. That's an awful lot of screen real estate to take in that close.



Great cool factor, but I think the monitors are set too high (not ergonomically correct). Don't think it would take long to get a neck ache looking up at those. And I'm not a big fan of the bevel separation when you put monitors together like that. Too much of a disruption to the picture.

But definitely gets an "A" for creativity!



That is very awesome. This computer actually reminds me of those in the game Deus Ex (the first one, not Human Revolution).



That's pretty sweet, but who knows how noisy (if at all) it is? Plus, I wouldn't want the glow distracting me from the too-high monitors. Maybe the guy is tall.



Cool, but looks really uncomfortable to use.



Cool. But I wouldn't use it because my fingers would be iced over in front of those exhaust fans.


Peanut Fox

There is a piece of acrylic in front of all those components. Those fans would also be drawing air in, not pushing it out.

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