Score Big Savings During Steam's Holiday Sale



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Sorry Steam, you took too long to get your act together on this one.

When sales were popping up everywhere else, I kept checking your service and there were none besides the daily/weekend normal sales to be found.

So now I've dropped most of my gaming cash on other places who had their acts together, namely GOG. I'll see if I have anything left for you.



I'm sure they'll be okay.

Personally I hate how they do the sales now. Miss a day logging in and miss the best deal on the game you want.



Hey Wing, just in case you didn't know: Steam usually does an encore at the end of their seasonal sales, so you can grab the games you missed.



This is exactly how my son and I exchange gifts for each other every year since he's been in the USAF.

IMHO - No better way to send gifts to military family members.



Origin must be sweating about now...


John Pombrio

Oh God, not again. I bought a dozen games last year, most of which I have never played... But the first thing I did when I read the title was go to the Steam store.
MORE! I want MORE!

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