Scientists Use Viruses to Make Batteries



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Keith E. Whisman

Because they are so tiny they will only carry a minimal amount of capacity. This would be used to power microscopic battery powered devices. So it would require so many of these that they would share the same mass and size of a typical car battery to satisfy the power needs of a car.



If these nano-batteries are so cheap then why isn't there an application for them! Do you know how much smaller and lighter my laptop could be if it didn't have to rely on this giant clunky Li Ion battery? There should literally be thousands of applications for these things. Cell phones, MP3 players. Portable anything.

Why not build/link enough of them so that they are macroscopic in scale and power a car? To say there is no application for these things is absolutley ridiculous.


Keith E. Whisman

This is nothing new. I mean as far as viruses go. Scientists have been using viruses for all kinds of things like killing cancer and stuff.. Manufacturing nano robots..  

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