Scientists Develop Full Color Printing Technique Capable of 100,000 Dots Per Inch



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What's seldom understood is that while desktop printers hit fairly high DPI (Dots Per Inch) they are limited to only 300 or sometimes 600 PPI, or Pixels Per Inch.

This is because an RGB pixel being comprised of 256 shades or Red, Green, and Blue, necessitates having several hundred Dots of ink per Pixel to accurately color the pixel using Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, and Black.

If they're muddling their terms (and believe me, DPI vs PPI is the most muddled acronym in all of Technology, even scanner manufacturers list this wrong), and they really mean PPI, then this is huge.

If they in-fact mean DPI, then it's really meaningless without knowing how many dots are used to comprise a pixel, aka picture element, as there would likely be several dots used to comprise a pixel and without knowing how many is like knowing that your car goes 50 per gallon. Miles? Kilometers? Parsec's?

Dan O.



BTW, I worked at as a photolab manager and maintained a Konica R1 liquid chemistry wet-lab printer system to make hundreds of prints an hour.

While the prints were exactly the same as what you'd expect from a photo-lab, the printer only had two settings for PPI, 300 and 600.

The human eye just cannot see pixels when they're sized 1/300th of an inch across, or .00333 inches per pixel, it's meaningless without some special application as shown above, security, etc.

Dan O.



I wish the Whole printing thing on paper thing would go away I got rid of multiple Printer scanners due to expensive ink refills I just use a jump drive for documents now. For the scanner part I just use a digital camera a scanner is only good for comic book scans art and documents not really necessary for ebay and stuff.

We get cheap printers off the truck all the time I wonder who in gods name is buying these printers! I think if people just switched to USB sticks ALOT of waste would be prevented I mean alot.....



I appreciate what you are saying, but there are still a huge number of reasons for printed copies of various douments, pictures etc. However, there is a lot of room for improvement in how people use printers and the waste generated by them.



Funny that such a crappy looking low-res image was used to go alongside an article about incredibly high definition printing...


Citizen Snips

That's because it's zoomed, her mouth is about 10 µm across



not to mention that that photo of Lena (disregarding the resolution) is an iconic image used in the realm of digital image processing


The Second Comi...

Chicken Pants is betting that North Korea will be the first customer.


Bullwinkle J Moose

I think what people really want to know is...

do the $20's pass at the beer store?



...on paper so glossy, it's like a mirror.

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