Schools Reserving .XXX Domains To Protect Good Name



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This should not be allowed to happen.

By that I mean you should not be able to get an xxx domain that is the same as any kind of business, person or organization's name.  The only people that can get, say should be Harvard.  They should not have to get it and pay $ for it to keep anyone else from getting it.

There needs to be some serious regulation in the domain name space.



TLDs like .xxx are released primarily to make money off defensive registrations by trademark holders. So I don't think ICANN is going to shoot itself in the foot by allowing free registration or domain "reservation" for trademark holders.



I somewhat agree, except that if they (Harvard, in your example) want to use it (such as to redirect traffic) then they should have to pay for it like anyone else.  However, if a company just wants to prevent somone else from using their name for a porn site ICANN should reserve the domain name for free if a party requests it, assuming they have a legitimate claim to the .com/.org domain name.  This would prevent someone else from snatching the .xxx domain name and should be free of cost to the holder of the .com / .org domain name.


Holly Golightly

I think the adult websites should be forced to use the .XXX domains while ICANN should protect .com/org from having their names and trademarks used for pornography. Although, if adult websites were not allowed to have .com and .org then eventually it will become common sense to the consumer that those sites mean non-porno while the .xxx does. This also makes filtering networks that much more easier. But until then, type one wrong letter, and you will end up in a pornography website. It really is a damn shame.

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