Sceptre Trades Black Bezel for Chrome in New HD LCD TV Line



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Some of you seem to be missing that it is a television, not a desktop monitor.  The price is reasonable at that size for a television, and I've seen some rooms that that might not look bad.



I have a 32" 1080P LCD TV from them and while the picture is average, the features are horribly implemented. Changing the channels takes like 10 sec. with a digital signal, there's a stupid BIG red sceptre logo whenever you turn on the TV, remote control is just plain and ugly. The TV wouldn't pick up the signal from the remote if you point the remote off by a little. Everything about Sceptre products SUCK! Don't bother with their products.



This thing is ugly, and it would be very distracting seeing reflections of everything.



400 bucks and its not even led? 24 inch asus lcd costed 220, nearly same specs



...and if Sceptre release a line of gold-plated monitors, they should name it the "King Midas"



Yeah, that's really ugly. Brings me back to the old days of cellphones when chrome finishes were common. Something about fingerprints on plastic chrome finishes...they appear black/smudgy and it's impossible to get them out unless you use a solvent cleaner. What would really be cool is if someone releases a fiber carbon imprint finish on that would be cool IMO. I think Acer would probably be the first because their Ferrari edition notebooks have fiber-carbon imprints - so it could easily be ported to their LCD monitors.



These will sell great in Moscow and Dubai. Although they'd sell ever better in Dubai if they were gold plated.



That thing is ugly as sin.



All in the eye of the beholder. There are plenty of people out there who would love one in whatever random color is their favorite (look at how well companies like Apple or various cell phone vendors have done simply by offering multiple choices). As far as the style of the monitor itself, what's not to like? Fairly slim bezel edges, minimalist stand, small speakers that don't detract from the monitors viewing area itself, it's thin, etc. etc. Pretty much the same as every other new LCD on the market. I don't particularly like the $400 asking price and would prefer it more in the $300 range to be more competitive with some of the Acer and Asus oferings but eh.

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