Sceptre Claims It's the First to Unveil an HDTV with Integrated Blu-ray Player



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I doubt very seriously the TV will outlive the Blu-Ray.  Most of either are good for about 3 years or so of reasonably frequent use before they crap out. If the TV did last longer than the Blu-Ray, who cares?  Forget repairing it, just hook a new player to it.



"Leading innovator of LCD/HDTV for 27 years". Ha! Good one.



Do... Not... Want...

I've owned several TV's with built-in DVD Players and every one of them the DVD player failed long before the TV did.

And who's to say Sony won't change the %!@#$@!$ spec again, and your player won't be updatable for one reason or another.

I'll stick to external.

This might be ok on a cheap, smaller TV for a Dorm or Bedroom, but it would never end up in my Living Room.



Same thing I was thinking. I wouldn't want to have to bring my TV and pay a bunch of money to have a broken blu-ray player replaced or fixed. You could always just buy an external player anyway but then what's the point of having one built in? TV's aren't cheap to fix and a pain if you have to get someone to transport it.

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