Say Thank You: CD Projekt Releasing Witcher 2 100% DRM-Free



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I am fully against illegally pirating content. The internet needs to remain a free open playground with the exception of file sharing and media websites. Those types of websites are created easily without any legal patrol. It's high time the internet gets its fair share of new law enforcement plus new reasonable laws to limit what hosting companies can get by with. You can't get by with speeding 100mph in a 55mph zone after passing a State Trooper or stealing from someone, so why should people be allowed to steal things that don't belong to them or host illegal content without getting the full brunt of law on their doorstep for their actions? Exactly! Argue what you will, it needs to stop. Not just for movies or games, yet everything else that’s illegal too. You can't go in a gun fight with nothing but a smile. Not a system like China has, that’s a whole different animal altogether. Now here comes the hate mail. lol


I Jedi

While I agree with you that stealing is wrong, I think you're totally blowing it out of proportion. First, a majority of gamers do not pirate, but gaming studios love to cry wolf far too often. (See: Ubisoft) Secondly, the Internet is about freedom and openess, not about censorship, laws, and Internet-police (chuckles). Those who steal are a risk to themselves, as people are watching them; people are always watching you on the Internet, no matter what. Do I think making new laws, and having Internet-police are the answer, I don't believe so. I BELIEVE that the answer lies more so with how gaming studios treat their customers. I believe gaming studios need to offer their PC customers insentives for buying games legit, like Bioware did with MA2, and also lay off the DRM. No matter what, all DRM seems to be broken these days, and all customers are tired of being treated like the criminal, instead of being rewarded for being a customer.

Finally, do you believe that piracy only started with the explosion of the Internet in the early 90s? I hope you don't because piracy has always been going on. People, back in the day, would share copies of their games, software, movies, etc, to one another, when it was still illegal, as it is today. The only thing that has changed is that it has become far more easier for law enforcement officials to track down violators of the law through the Internet, and software has become smarter at protecting itself from illegal usage.

To conclude, I believe that new laws, I.S.P.'s spying on their customers, and other tools to track illegal activity are not the answer. People will always find ways to pirate a game, and it's (piracy) just a natural thing that has been around for a very long time. Again, do I believe it is right, no; however, I don't think the approach the industry is taking towards piracy is the right one, either.



Another aspect to consider bpstone is the business model and how these companies fleece the customers.  Here's an example take the napster from the old days (yeah i pirated, but i went legit about 6 years back), it was clearly illegal and was subsequently removed.  Now enter "itunes" and the digital content delivery model at "99 cents" which is essentially full price for something you pay for in the store (99x12 = $12).  Yet the overhead is practically nill in comparison to a CD, but yet there still is no price break.  Kinda like when cd's first came but the cost of production dropped dramatically, however, the record companies still wouldn't cut a break on price.  I purchase all my music today from sites like or for price significantly less  then "itunes" (around 20cents a song).    The record companies would love to run them out of businesss, but they can't because they are overseas and they are "selling" legitmate downloads.  Why do i purchase when i could pirate the stuff for free, because i support content creation I just don't support corparate greed (not that they  shouldn't be paid but stop trying to screw me).  Steam has the right idea.  I purchases a lot more games lately and they are primarily on sale on the weekends (for the prices that they should be to begin with).  It's a win-win for the developer because the overhead is nil practically and everyone gets paid and the customer goes home happy.  Until the entertainment companies realized we are not going to get fleeced anymore and accept consumer friendly business models then things like DRM and unrealistic price points will actually push people to piracy.



*sigh*  I just hope most people are able to stop and think long enough to not pirate it.  I accept that there will still be people who feel entitled to free games, despite the work that was involved, but I desperately hope people will stop and think about this one first.



Guess what? This game will still be pirated to hell by generation 'I wasn't going to buy it anyway'. And this will reaffirm the industry's take on DRM.



It will be pirated to the sky, of course.  But it would have been pirated if it had included DRM, too.  So at least this way, people like me and you who do pay good $$ for it don't have to deal with some evil, invasive DRM that half-breaks your computer. Just say 'thank you'.

CD Projekt: THANK YOU!

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