Sassy Sprint CEO Says Android Not Good Enough Yet



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Hi, my name is BJ DeHut, and I'm a representative for Sprint. We appreciate the discussions that Dan Hesse’s comments have caused, but we believe his words were taken out of context about Android. Here is a statement from James Fisher, a member of Sprint's communications organization, who was in the room at the National Press Club for Dan Hesse's speech:

"I’m in Sprint’s communications organization, and I actually was in the room at the National Press Club for Dan Hesse’s speech. As with any single comment from a speech, it’s important to understand the context. Rather than criticize Google, Sprint is a partner with Google (it’s the default search provider on Sprint phones) and we are a very strong supporter of the Android community as a charter member of the Open Handset Alliance. We are interested in developing an Android-based handset, but we would want to make sure it fully leverages all of the advances of Sprint’s current handsets and the data strength of our wireless network. We have a unique approach to making data use easy, intuitive and simply priced. I think what Dan meant is that, only when we are certain we have fully leveraged all the advantages of Android with the advantages we’re known for, that’s when we’d introduce our Android handset. And as for speculation from anonymous folks about our plans, industry folks always trade gossip, but it’s not always true. "


If you have any further questions about Dan Hesse's comments about the Android phone, feel free to email me at


Keith E. Whisman

Do you guys got any pics of the bronze G1? I think that the Black G1 is ugly I got the Bronze one and it's actually 2 tone. the keypad is silver and it just does it you know?



sprint releases the diamond touch pro which is good. but why should sprint have to release the first model of google's phone? doesnt mean too much to me.



F#$%ing sprint


if verizon releases an android phone, I'm switching.

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