Sapphire Unveils AMD E450-Powered Edge-HD3 Mini PC



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Though this is very cool, the title "the teeny-tiniest PC in all the land" should really go to something based on the Pico-ITX form factor, assuming that the definition of "PC" is something along the lines of "thing that will run 64-bit Windows 7 and play 1080p video."

Not that I particularly want my PC to be as tiny as possible... I might lose it between my couch cushions. I am proud to be writing this from a PC that I am not entirely comfortable with the concept of lifting.



Jeez, I know taste is subjective, but why in the world do people think that ridiculous "vertical tilt on a base stand" design is the least bit appealing?! It doesn't appear to have the option to simply lay flat and fit in along with every other device in media cabinet (except for the equally stupidly designed Wii).



i think it is supposed to signify balance... just an opinion...



OEM disc? into what optical drive? ; the linux graffiti moved from the alleys to an "occupy" level of visibility in the last year and could just as well run from a thumb drive making physical footprints redundant. One could even leave the 320gb volume un partitioned as a swap from a larger external root using this for just visual/hub output. Either way like it, no noisy fans or bulky cases to clutter up Media presentation with minimal power consumption, far better than this wheezy dinosaur in the living room.


Brad Chacos

Touche! Great point. I think I'll go ahead and edit that line out now...



That would be nice for an HTPC, even though it doesn't have a tuner and it doesn't appear to have a dvd tray. :\



That's what I thought too. Get an external dvd drive for 30$ and a dongle tuner for another 40$, and it would work fine though. Wonder how much it will run.



320GB is great for a XBMC box or a HTPC front-end, but it's way too small for a machine armed with one or more TV tuners. A single ATSC/QAM card can potentially grab three SD shows and one HD stream at the same time, and this machine is waaaaay too slow to do any meaningful transcoding or even basic stuff like marking commercials. By the time you add USB optical and hard drives, tuners, power supplies for said attachments, and so forth you've lost the elegance that the machine initially promises. It's not without value, but neither is it the "ultimate" home theater PC.

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