Sapphire Shows Love to AMD with Pure Black 990FX Motherboard



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h e x e n

No 6gb SATA?





Quoted from Sapphire website:

"9 x Serial ATA III 6Gb/s connectors"


Also according to the website the board only supports 16Gb MAX, not the 32Gb stated in the article.

Quoted again:

"16 GB Max.
Dual Channel 240 pins DDR3 up to 1866/1600MHz, non-ECC, Unbuffered memory"



I think mpc seriously needs to do a round up review for the 990fx boards. So far probably 99% of the review were all on the intel side. For the past several months I believe I have only seen 1 review on AMD 9xx series.

@Supall....mmmm don't know what to say to you (try not to be as offensive as bugmenot1234) except advice you to check out praetor_alpha's post, hope that would dissolve your mysterious dilemma.



i still like my Sabertooth 990FX better, although those fullsize pci-e 16x are nice.



Unless I'm missing something, if you want to go with a wireless network, you have to stick with a USB wireless adapter?  I understand that there are users who will hardwire their connections (and that it is much more preferred), but many do not have that luxury.  So not having a PCE or even PCI slot would force everyone who utilizes a NIC to find another way.  That's a bit of an inconvenience, imo.  Luckily, there's other motherboards.



Yeah you can put the smaller 4x cards in those big slots.



wow you are an idiot. wireless is a luxury, not the other way around. Plus building a PC is a luxury so if you're a system builder, either pro or just for your own stuff, you opt for wird connections to the internet. idiot.



PCI-E is compatable with all speeds of PCI-E cards. I.E.: A 4x RAID card will work fine in a 16x slot. I see no problems with this board on that level.

Also, most of the people who are going to be building a system are going to opt for wired anyway. Think about it, where do most people put their cable / DSL boxes? Usually in the same room as the PC

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