Sapphire Shows off 3D Gaming With Eyefinity



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Can someone please say they remember these things back in the days when computer shows were big and using them on their 3Dfx Voodoo card?  'Early' adopters deserve to be bent over and mounted for buying into this stuff now.

I think people have pretty much forgotten about trackballs, maybe someone should start selling $200 uber /337 gaming upside down mice. 





  Using the red/cyan glasses, I can run most games as 3D using either a Nvidia or ATI card (you turn it on in the control center menus for both). World of Warcraft is a good example.

  Is it neat looking? Yes. Is it all all useful? No. Are the colors screwed up some and the picture dimmer? Yes. Does wearing the glasses a long time bother my eyes? You bet!

 So go order some Hanna Montana glasses in Amazon and try it out for yourself.



Drivers that independent card manufacturers release rarely work correctly I would wait for either ati or nvidia backed drivers for multi-screen 3-d.



 MPC, it appears 3D gaming is going to become a reality.  Because I'm going to have to eventually adapt hardware and such to take full advantage of it, I hope you'll establish a 3D subset in your gaming coverage to make it easier for us.

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