Sapphire, PowerColor Show Off New AMD Radeon HD 7000 Cards



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the expensive of memory almost makes these cards not worthwhile.



Brad, still waiting for you to "leak" some of the benchmarks floating around about Kepler these days. I told you a few weeks ago that NVidia would somehow leak the benchmarks within 2-3 weeks... So far it is only for the 104 chipset tho, not the more powerful 110 chipset.


Brad Chacos

Sorry, John: I live to disappoint. (Just ask my wife!)

OT, at least here: I've been meaning to boot Windows 8, or do some research about it, or both, about your question in the "MS patches RDP vulnerability" article. Unfortunately I've been swamped and unable to do any of that. So here's the thoughts off the top of my head.

IIRC, W8 only reboots for updates once per month, but it's right after Patch Tuesday, and it forces a close 3 days after installing patches. So even if the RDP patch isn't actually working for that duration, it should be only a brief window of vulnerability, assuming you have automatic updates turned on. Also, note that the exception to the "1 boot a month" rule are super-dangerous critical-rated patches with a high degree of likely exploitation. Since MS released the RDP patch as part of Patch Tuesday, we have no idea if it falls into that category, but I assume pushed critical patches would still force a reboot within 3 days. Again, all that's just off the top of my head, so I could be totally wrong.

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