SanDisk's Says New MLC Solid State Drives Equivalent to 40,000RPM Hard Drive



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"can withstand 160 terabytes written (TBW) for the 240GB version before the cells turn into read-only...."

160 / 2.40 = 66.66~ rewrites or am I missing something?  I too believe we we be solely SSD's in a few years, but NOT until they solve this rewrite problem, which I am sure they will.  I just wonder if 240TB with 66 rewrites is worth $500?

Even if I missed a decimal place that would only be 666.66~ rewrites....I wonder what "typical usage" demographic that comes from?



Well first, yes you are off by a decimal (0.24, not 2.4).  But even if
you write data to every last GB on the drive and the next day, you
rewrite data to cover the whole drive again, ad infinitum, Sandisk's given figure should mean it lasts nearly 2 years...not bad for such a severe workload.  However...

Second issue here is that for the figures given --whether for HDD's or SSD's-- most of the first few articles that comes upin a google for HDD + MTBF ...are enlightening.  Basically what each manufacturer claims can be about as accurate as saying "This Samsung TV is rated for 10,0001 dynamic contrast (DC) and the competitor is only rated for 3,000:1 DC, so the Samsung must have better picture-quality". :-)



"SanDisk says its G3 series can withstand 160 terabytes written (TBW)
for the 240GB version before the cells turn into read-only. By
SanDisk's measurements, that translates to over a century of typical


1) Define "typical usage"

2) 120 GB for $250??? That's only 13 (uncompressed) DVD9's. I can get 1.5TB for less than $200.

3) Yes, I can see this being great technology in a few years. The low noise/heat output of these drives is a definite plus, but honestly, I don't see them becoming mainstream within the next 3 years. Until SSD technology can provide par performance and capacity, their extraneous features won't count for much when there is a 3:1 price disparity. Magnetic storage capacity will continue to grow, access times will continue to diminish. It's not enough for SSD to be as good, it needs to be better or the majority of consumers will simply ignore it.





that 60gb or 120gb would make a nice os/ap/game install drive-after seeing some real world benchmarks anyways, can keep my larger sata3 drives for audio and video backups.



Mothers milk in a cup!

PLEASE tell me that its priced somewhere within a humane range, or is this mainly for business corporations?
How soon can we expect to have benchmark results?



SanDisk plans to start selling its G3 SSDs by the middle of 2009 in 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB capacities for $150, $250, and $500 respectively.



ha, missed that. my bad.

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