SanDisk, Sony, and Nikon Propose 500MB/s Memory Card Format



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Keith E. Whisman

I like the performce, if they can get 250gigs or so, this could be a good solution for media storage on a netbook, tablet or even a laptop. Just imagine having a large Memory card that's fast like this, you can have your music on it and just transfer it back and forth from your desktop to your laptop or tablet. Also a great idea to store a back up image of your HDD. Make a weekly image update on a fast card like this. These memory cards have far more uses than as just being camera storage. 



It seems like a good news about the co-operation of many big companies. but as an end user who is not pioneer type, besides the capacity and the speed, I would like to have the one that is more durable. I ever brought the one that u mentioned above. and it was out of order too soon.promotion

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