SanDisk Introduces ExtremeFFS Flash Management System, Claims 100x Faster Performance



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Sandisk: "existing technology doesn't give us the numbers we would like to see so let's invent our own technology". Can they test their drives on an Apple computer? Wouldn't that put an end to this Vista sucks debate (skhills:I'd be interested to see hard drive benchmarks on a macbook air with
and without a SSD.  Would this support or put down SanDisk claims?
). Anyway. I agree with Digital-Storm "Sandisk is a terrible company anyways. All there products suck." I've never had any luck with any SanDisk product. If it is called the FFS that's just hilarious



Read/write speed isn't the problem with flash memory, the number of read/writes that can be performed before the flash memory is toast is the issue.



Sounds great, but how are they planning this file system will interact with NTFS? Or it´s just a way of proving MS that it´s indeed Vista´s fault that SSDs don´t perform as they should?

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