SanDisk Blames Vista for Poor SSD Performance



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thats what optimizers are for. i know that windows isnt optimizing the powers of SSDs. they are TOTTALY different technology. They still can work faster anyday.



 so xp is more "optimized for flash memory solid-state disks", then vista? how would that be?

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It was already shown that these same drives are some of the worst SSD performers in XP as well.

Something is wrong with the drives. Everyone else can post high speeds in both XP and Vista. 

At some point, people need to stop blaming Vista and take responsibility for their work. This drive works terribly on XP as well, so they might as well just blame Microsoft in general and leave out the big fat VISTA label. 



I recently ran a comparison of linux ext3 and linux logfs ( - a filesystem optimized for flash and SSD drives) on my EEE 901. In the Phoronix Test Suite's ( disk benchmark I got about a 10% increase in scores. Also, the database test had an increase of 3% or so.

I wonder how NTFS compares to ext2 on a ssd drive. Ntfs is probably slower since it has more writes than ext3. Vista can't use the simpler FAT32, which has less writes than NTFS since it has less data. Also, Vista defrags and indexes in the background, which is really bad since fragmentation is not a major problem with SSD since they have random acess.



Sandisk is a terrible company anyways. All there products suck.



Oh puhleeeze.  Next we'll be blaming Vista for global warming.  Y'know, there really isn't THAT much to blame Vista for - the Vista-bashing is getting really tired, almost (but not quite) as tired as incessant iphone coverage.



I'd be interested to see hard drive benchmarks on a macbook air with and without a SSD.  Would this support or put down SanDisk claims?


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 Set up a system with 2 SSD drives (one with XP and the other Vista) and compare times.  Then post your findings.  Finger pointing doent tell us anything.


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